Mary Mackey began her career in the visual arts with a focus on photography. She earned an Associate Degree from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1981, and began working as a freelance fashion photographer and photojournalist.

Mary’s influences have been the Post-war artists such as Paul Klee, Robert Motherwell, and Cy Twombly. In the mid-eighties, her interaction with Mark Lunning of Open Press Printmaking Facility introduced her to printmaking and painting which is now her main medium.

Mary traveled to Europe in the mid ‘80s and eventually moved to London in 1989. She taught workshops at the North London Community Centre and continued her career as a professional photographer. Mary later moved to Berlin and became involved in The East Side Gallery, painting a section of the Berlin Wall called Tolerance. As the official photographer, Mary was responsible for marketing the gallery, which is now being made into a world heritage site.

Mary returned to Denver in 1991 and launched The Mackey Gallery, devoted to showing the region’s great mid-career artists. The gallery quickly became known as one of Denver’s best. Nine years later, Mary closed the gallery to return to her own art.

In 2009 Mary was one of 118 global artists invited to restore the Berlin wall paintings. This event, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall, generated worldwide publicity. Mary was interviewed by TV and radio in Germany, France, and in Denver. A PBS documentary about Mary’s involvement with the East Side Gallery will air sometime in 2014.

Mary is represented by many art consultant firms in the U.S. and France.


Born: 1959 Sterling, Colorado USA Education: Colorado Institute of Art

One Person Exhibitions

2005 Kevin Saehlenou Gallery, Denver, CO.

2004 Open Press Gallery, Denver, CO.

2003 Terre De Art, France
"Letting Go" Fresh Art, Denver, CO.

2002 New paintings, Charles Kristen Galleries, Denver, CO. 2001 Rysing Gallery, Boulder, CO.
1999 Charles Kristen Galleries, Denver, CO.
1998 New Works Mackey Gallery, Denver, CO.

1997 Genkan Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

French Embassy, Tokyo, Japan
1996 New paintings Pirate Art Gallery, Denver, CO.

"Exuberant Spirit", United Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO.

1995 "European Series", Mackey Gallery, Denver, CO.

The French Bakery, Castle Rock, CO.

The Mackey Gallery, Denver, CO. 1993 Northeastern College, Sterling, CO.

Mackey Gallery, Denver, CO.
1992 The Blackheart Gallery, Denver, CO.

1991 2/C A Community of Photographers, Denver, CO. Bill's Grocery Community Art Space, Denver, CO.

Group Exhibitions

2001-2005 Group Holiday Show, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada CO.

1996 "Works on Paper Show", Mackey Gallery, Denver, CO. Charity Benefit, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

Boulder, CO. "Chop", Open Press, Denver, CO.

1994 Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO Artist Helping Artist Benefit, Denver, CO.

"Reinventing the Abstract", Mackey Gallery, Denver, CO.

1994-1995 Annual Bizarre Wreath Auction, Denver School of the Arts, Denver, CO.

1995 Colorado Lawyers for the Arts annual auction, Denver, CO.

1993 "Holy Wars", Arte Vitale, Denver, CO.
Open Press Show, Open Press Gallery, Denver, CO. Alternative Arts Alliance Traveling Show, Denver and other

Colorado towns

  1. 1992  Open Press Show, Open Press Gallery, Denver, CO.

  2. 1993  International Print Fair, Phippes Mansion, Denver, CO. Alternative Arts Alliance Open Show, Denver, Co.

1990 East Side Gallery ", The Largest Open-air Gallery in the World", Berlin, Germany

1988 Overnight juried show, News Gallery, Denver, CO. Honorable Mention

1982 Colorado Photo One, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs, CO.

1981 Student Show, Colorado Institute of Art, Denver, CO. Best of show
Related Experience
1999-2005 Taught various workshops in print making and painting.

Denver, CO.
1996 Juror, Metro State Collage, Denver, CO.

1994 Juror, Arts Student Show, University of Denver, Denver, CO. 1993 Juror, Regional Art Show, Northeastern Collage, Sterling, CO. 1991- 2000 Owner, Mackey Gallery, Denver, CO.
1991-1992 Photography instructor, Boys and Girls Club, Denver, CO. 1981-1991 Free-Lance Photographer, Denver, CO. and Europe

1989-1990 Photography/ Marketing Agent, East Side Gallery, Berlin Photography Instructor/Associate Director, North London

Community Centre, London

Selected Collections

Selected Starwood Hotels
includes W Hotels in New York, Tokyo, and Bangkok

Hyatt Regency Hotels, various US cities Alexis Hotel, Seattle, WA.
Holtz Hotel, Denver, CO.
CQG Computer Company, Denver, CO. Sky Across Athletics, Tokyo, Japan Japanese Telecom, Tokyo, Japan Neusteters Lofts, Denver, CO.

Global Pacific, Denver, CO.

Selected Collections - continued

American Airlines, Denver international Airport
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO. University Of Colorado Cosmetic Specialists O
ffices, Denver, CO.
University of Colorado Plastic Surgery o
ffices, Denver, CO.
Dr. Grossman Plastic Surgery o
ffice. Denver. CO.
TransHealth, Denver, CO.


Denver Art Company, Denver, CO.
Deljou Art Group, Atlanta, GA.
Magrath and Braun Art Consultants, Denver, CO. Eaton Fine Art, Austin TX.
Bozena Girdol, France
Joshua Hassel, Denver, CO.
Julie Fryburger, Denver, CO.
Kevin Saehlenou Gallery, Denver, CO.
Open Press Gallery, Denver, CO.